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Non-Degree Applicants

Explore Our Non-Degree 项目

North Central College offers a number of certification 和 other non-degree programs!


If you can benefit from 和 succeed in a competitive academic environment, these courses of study might be just what you're looking for, Admission decisions are made on an individual basis, 具体地说:

  • second degree c和idates, undergraduate degree completion 和 transferable GPA are taken into account.
  • Community Scholars早期的学者 are exempt from the high school completion requirement.

Our 荣誉项目

The 荣誉项目 is designed for high-achieving undergraduates pursuing any major. It will engage you in a different kind of learning centered on working with others, 全球文化, examining contemporary topics using the perspectives of multiple disciplines, 和 rigorous undergraduate research.

荣誉学生 at commencement